In Ukraine, the production and export of legumes is rapidly developing. In our country, they ensured more than 76% profitability to the manufacturers.

The legumes grown in our country include peas, beans, pinches and lentils. The largest share in production belongs to peas, accounting for about 70% of the gross yield.

The main catalyst for the development of the legumes sector in Ukraine is the external market. The legumes are popular due to high protein content, ensuring their wide use in the production of highly effective feeds for farm animals and as a source of animal protein substitute for human consumption. They have become widespread in recent decades, including in Asia and Africa, through their significantly lower cost compared to animal products, and in the countries of Western Europe and North America, due to the growing number of people professing a vegetarian way of life. However, the main consumer of pulses is the animal feed sector.

The main importers of Ukrainian peas are India (23.7%), Pakistan (12.8%), Spain (11.7%), Yemen (7.4%), Sri Lanka (4.9%), Malaysia (4.2%), Poland (4.3%), Somalia (3.7%), Bangladesh (3.6%), Kenya (2.3%), Turkey (2.2%), Ethiopia (2.1%), Cameroon (1.8%) and Nepal (1.7%).

Our company is ready to sign long-term contracts for the export of Ukrainian legumes.