Ukraine leads the world in growing sunflower seeds and sunflower oil production. Ukrainian sunflower oil has proven itself as a high-quality product on the world market.

Ukraine exports sunflower oil to more than 120 countries. One of the main importing countries of Ukrainian unrefined sunflower oil is India.

Taking into account the high quality of Ukrainian sunflower oil, as well as its significant share in the world exports of this product (56-57%), Ukraine retains its leading position in the world oil market.

In recent years, the rapeseed and soybeans processing capacity has increased significantly in Ukraine. So, soy processing capacities reached 4.0 million tons per year, and rapeseed – about 2.0 million tons. However, because of massive export of soybeans and rapeseed, the utilized capacity does not exceed 14-20%.

The main soybean oil importing countries are: Poland – 35%, China – 29.8%, India – 15.6%. The main importers of rapeseed oil are: EU countries – 95% and China – 3.5% of Ukraine’s total exports.

Given that free trade agreement exists between Ukraine and the European Union, the Ukrainian companies have the opportunity to significantly increase their supplies to the EU countries.

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